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Tennis elbow and Blood injection Lincolnshire

Autologous blood injection relieves Tennis elbow; Ex-Professor Maqsood Lincolnshire

Tennis elbow a painful condition which causes sever pain on the outer side of the elbow. It does not occur only in tennis players, any body performing repetitive movement either in sport activities or at work can cause this condition.

Recent studies shows that Tennis elbow can be treated successfully with your own blood. Normally blood has got many healing factor including platelets derived Growth factor which relieves the pain and increase the strength. we now understand the actual pathology better tan before  and we also understand that traditional treatment like steroid injections are harmful for these conditions like tennis elbow, golfer elbow, planter fasciitis, tendo achelles tendinosis, and trochenteric bursitis.

your blood can treat these conditions naturally, as your own blood provide te essential required mediators for tendon healing.

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