Specialist Knee Clinic Lincoln

Specialist Knee Clinic Lincoln

The lincoln Knee Clinicis a specialised clinic for the diagnosis and treatment of all knee disorders. This clinic is run by Mr. Mohammad Maqsood consultant Trauma and Orthopaedic surgeon, who has special interest in the diagnosis and management of all Knee problems. In the specialist Lincoln Knee clinic, Problems of Cushion cartilage(meniscus), and Joint surface cartilage( Articular cartilage) are dealt with up to date knowledge research and treatment. Knee ligaments reconstruction and Joint replacement are performed in accordance with current concepts. Minimal invasive half Knee replacement, Flex knee, Gender specific knee, cemented and un-cemented option are available on the basis of clinical and social needs.

Mr. Mohammad Maqsood is available for consultation in the specialist Knee clinic at Lincoln County Hospital Lincoln twice every month, in John Couplend Hospital Gainsborough once a month and in specialist Knee clinic at Lincoln BMI hospital Lincoln every week On Wednesday afternoon/Tuesday evenings.
The Lincoln knee clinic offers the ultimate care with compassion and cure with competence.

The Diagnosis

At the Lincoln Knee Clinic we can offer a complete onsite expert solution to your knee problem and a unique one-stop’ option for all your knee solutions. MRI scanning, X-ray’s, Ultrasound imaging and Isokinetic testing is available for all patients. After your initial consultation Mr. M Maqsood consultant himself will take the time to fully explain the diagnosis of your knee problem and the possible treatment options to help you make a fully informed decision about the best form of treatment for you.

Treatment Options

At the Lincoln knee Clinic we favour a conservative approach to surgical treatment, and where possible, use keyhole surgery to ensure short hospital stays, rapid recovery and a quick return to the best possible quality of life. Surgery is arranged at a time of your personal choice. Our medical and nursing staff will be available with medical advice and friendly assistance throughout your stay. All surgery required is performed in a clean, modern, clinical environment at the Lincoln BMI Hospital where we offer the ultimate treatment in comfort with care.

The  Therapeutic Physiotherapy for Cure and  Rehabilitation after Surgery

Not all knee problems require surgical solutions. After consultation and diagnosis with Mr. Maqsood consultant Specialist Knee surgeon you may be advised for physiotherapy.  Our highly qualified chartered physiotherapists can assess your condition and successfully treat your knee problem. For this, and for rehabilitation after surgery, we have a state-of-the art physiotherapy suite available to patients.

For more information on the procedure or to make an appointment with Mr. Mohammad Maqsood contact

Secretary: 01522 246698
BMI Hospital: 01522 578000