Mr. M Maqsood

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Shoulder Surgery

Mr. Maqsood is performing shoulder surgery for the last 15 years in Lincolnshire. He is trained and specialised for the sports injury management. And also the common shoulder problems; which includes Impingement syndrome, Rotator cuff tear, recurrent dislocation, ACJ joint repair, ligaments and tendon problems around the shoulder joint.

Mr. Maqsood has pioneered the proximal humeral fracture fixation in Lincolnshire, he is first to use the PHILOS plate in Lincolnshire, which has changed the whole management of the proximal humeral fracture. Now it has become the Gold standard for management of Humeral fracture.

Mr. Maqsood is very keen to treat the collar bone “ Clavicle” fracture with specialise plates and screws. He has managed undo many complex mal-united clavicle fracture in the Lincolnshire.

He has modified few operative technique in the shoulder joint, which has helped the patient recovery and long term outcome. He modified the Acromioplasty to mini –Open acromioplasty, which is performed by using only 2 cm incision , minimal blood loss and less chances of recurrence.

He modified the weaver-Dunn operation which is used to repair the ACJ, in this new method patient’s own bony plug with ligament is used to repair damage without any metal to prevent complications, which occurs due to wear and tear and later warrant another surgery.

Mr. Maqsood has designed a new way of treating Hill-sachs lesion in the shoulder joint. In this new technique Synthetic scaffolds are used to repair the defect in the bone, which occur due to recurrent dislocation of shoulder.
His new operative techniques have been published in the medical journals. Also well popularised all over the world.

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