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Recurrent Dislocation of patella (knee cape)

Patellar dislocation is a very disabling condition, in which patella ( knee cape) dislocation with minor twist or turning of the knee. some time it is associated with hyper -laxity syndromes, but at other times it is post traumatic. it follows after one traumatic episode. Now we know that if the first dislocation is treated correctly we can prevent recurrent dislocation.
Most of the time when first dislocation occur a ligament which is called MPFL is ruptured, if it is not treated properly it become chronic instability of patella. we should all take the first dislocation serious as patient as well as clinicians to investigate all dislocation of patella wit MRI scan to assess the MPFL. if it is ruptured should be referred to the appropriate specialist for repair at the early stage. Putting the leg in the cast for weeks and then leaving it alone in the hands of physiotherapy is not acceptable treatment now.

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