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Planter fasciitis in Lincolnshire

Planter fasciitis (Heel pain) and shock wave therapy in Lincolnshire

planter fasciitis is very trouble some condition, It can affect anybody, but mainly active fit people working with most of the time on their feet are very commonly suffering with sever disabling heel pain.

Typically getting up in the morning and unable to put the foot down on the floor is very common presentation. Conservative treatment including footwear modification, Painkiller and anti-inflammatory medication are sometimes helpful. most of time the heel pain is very resistant.

Exra-corporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) is new teatment modality, which is considered as very effective treatment. I have recently acquired the  Equipment at BMI Hospital Lincoln, I have special interest in the conditions like planter fasciitis, tennis elbow, Golfers elbow,  tendo-Achelles tendinosis.

I have started treating these patients with Shock wave therapy and has got excellent results  particularly in planter fasciitis, tennis elbow and heel tendon tendinosis.

I am very pleased to collect the Data  and will be able to publish the results for benefits of patients as well as for orthopaedic surgeons and General practitioners.

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