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Patient Comments

L R Sleaford

Partial Knee Replacement – December 2013

Following an injury to my right knee over 10 years ago, I found myself in the unfortunate position that my knee had started to deteriorate rapidly. Over a matter of weeks I had gone from normal everyday activities with a small amount of discomfort to having to use crutches and being in absolute agony.

I contacted Prof Maqsoods secretary Lesa, and that is the best decision I have ever made. I was seen the next day and I have not looked back since.

I had a partial knee replacement on Wednesday 11th December at the BMI in Lincoln. The nursing staff, physiotherapists, anesthetists and Prof Maqsood were all very friendly, helpful and reassuring. This is major surgery, but I was reassured that I was in very good hands and they would do everything they could to help me get back to normal again.

By 9.00am the following day (Thurs) the physiotherapists were knocking on my door, I had to do a short walk with a frame and exercises in bed. On the Friday reality hit and to be honest I was in a lot of pain, but as Sam the nurse said, “lets face it, its got to hurt hasn’t it”, at this stage I could not lift my leg at all it was like a dead weight. I was determined to go home as soon as possible and on the Saturday I had showered and managed to walk up and down the stairs … and was allowed home.

Believe me it was painful, extremely hard work and at times sole destroying, because you have to do the exercises even when you don’t want too. 10 days after the operation I was in the swimming pool, and gradually built my strength up again.

6 months on, I am now back at work full time, swimming and walking in the Peak District. I can not praise the medical and support team too much – their care and patience has given me my life back again.

Ms F SG Lincoln

My experience of having a Knee replacement can only be described as the best decision I ever made.

I was 44 and my knee was deteriorating to the level that I would have to either put up with the discomfort and pain, which restricted my normal day-to-day life, or I choose the avenue to improve my standard of life.  It was a daunting and worrying decision to have such a big operation at an early age; the not knowing what to expect at the end of it but to be honest the procedure was so straight forward I couldn’t believe it.  With the excellent work of Professor Maqsood along with the dedicated care of the hospital & physios, I was up on my feet the next day, within days I was walking with no crutches and back to work 5 weeks later. Yes there was weeks of regular exercise and icing of the knee to follow but my life couldn’t be better where my knees are concerned. I workout at the local gym and swim with no pain, my life has been transformed.

For anyone contemplating the Knee Replacement Operation, it’s not a decision that should be taken lightly but on the other hand it can transform your life and give you a pain free knee.

P. M.

P. M. had Knee operation by professor Mohammad Maqsood and he wrote:

Dear Mr Maqsood, I had my final consultation with one of your collegues last week. I would just like to say a big thank you for doing my knee operation in February 2011. I am now about 90% fitter, have lost 3 stone in weight and am now cycling 150 miles a week all thanks to you.

J. S

Mr Sandells had Hip resurfacing for osteoarthritis of his hip by professor Mohammad Maqsood and he wrote:

I recently had the honor of having Professor Maqsood perform a Lt Hip resurfacing on me I have been in medicine for 30 years and he is not only an exceptional surgeon but a truly nice man it is always a pleasure to see i him in my follow-up sessions I would recommend him to anyone who requires such surgery without hesitation as he had me back playing golf 8 weeks after surgery

Mrs. E. W Lincoln

Mrs. E. Eatson had hip resurfacing for early osteoarthritis of her hip by Mr. M Maqsood and she wrote:

5 months ago, I had a Hip resurface operation and I was very apprehensive to say the least. I’m only 38 and I’m an active horse rider, skier, love to dance on a night out and I don’t like to sit still! But I really couldn’t do much of what I loved, pre operation, it took me most of my effort each day, just to walk around the office at work!

Straight after the operation, I had no pain in my hip, but, it did take a while for the muscle pain to go, maybe that was because I had muscles to start with! I had 3 months off work, due to not being able to drive, but I used that time well, I went out walking, as recommended, by yourself and the physios. Within 2 months, I was walking 4-5 miles a day, pre-op, I could barely walk 100 yards without stopping and certainly without a bad limp. I don’t quite have full movement in my hip, as I can still struggle to put my socks on, but I think I notice this, as I was very agile before, it’s coming though and I’m sure in time, I won’t notice the struggle. The most noticeable thing about me, since having the operation is that I have no limp, which every that knows me well, comments on. I’m pleased to say, I have been back riding my horse for the last 5 weeks. At first I was very nervous about getting on and swinging my leg over the saddle, but once I was on, I didn’t look back, all felt great and normal. So over the last 5 weeks, I have built up my muscles and riding fitness, to where I am today. Today has been my biggest test so far as I have taken my horse autumn hunting for 4 hours, with no pain during and no pain after and still I have No Limp. Next hurdle is skiing, but I have a couple more months to work on my fitness for this, but at present, I feel I can tackle any activity. The operation has lifted huge pain off my shoulders (& hip) and for that, I can’t thank you enough. I only wish I had had the opportunity to have the operation sooner and I would recommend it to everyone in a similar situation to how I was previously.

Dr. B. G Lincoln

Had shoulder surgery by Professor Mohammad Maqsood and wrote:

“I am delighted to report that I have made an excellent recovery following my mini-acromioplasty procedure. I have always taken a very pragmatic approach hoping that surgery would improve the function of my shoulder but realising that it might not be 100% effective. I have been greatly encouraged that there has been a progressive improvement in the range of movements of my shoulder and a steady decrease in pain/stiffness. I would say that I probably have 95% plus pain free movement and for this I am truly grateful. The scar is also soundly healed.”

Mr J, Lincoln

Had Bilateral Hip Resurfacing (Metal on Metal) by Professor Mohammad Maqsood and wrote:

“Tomorrow will be 2 weeks since the operation and I am getting stronger and more mobile daily. I am writing to say thank you for looking after me so well on both occasions. I feel I have been in very capable hands and that those gold stars were well earned!”

Dr B, Lincoln

Had Arhroscopic (key hole) Knee surgery by Professor Mohammad Maqsood and wrote:

“Thank you very much for looking after my knee, the care was excellent from your team”

Mr M, Lincoln

Had Un-cemented total knee replacement by Professor Mohammad Maqsood and wrote:

“Thank you for your care and kindness during my recent stay” operation was great success; I am walking miles without any problem. It is wonderful to have no pain while walking and sleep without waking up with agonising pain.

Ms H, Lincoln

Had Gender specific (lady knee for ladies) knee replacement by Professor Mohammad Maqsood and wrote:

“Thank you very much for the knee operation. It was a great success and I can walk better”

Ms G. S

Had cementless Total hip replacement using the ceramic on polyethylene, and wrote:

“Sincere thanks for the excellent care and treatment I received during and after my hip operation”

Ms W, Gainsborough

Ms W suffered from very complex problem, been referred to many specialists, seen by many Orthopaedic surgeons, spinal surgeons, many physicians, even by Neurosurgeon and Neurologist. She was very upset as no one believed her complaints, and was all the time considered as psychological problem. She was finally asked for opinion from Professor Mohammad Maqsood, he diagnosed her illness and get started the treatment, and wrote:

“Thank you so much for listening and caring, if you hadn’t made that phone call I don’t know where we would be, so thank you for giving me my life back”

Ms B, Lincoln

Had Gender specific Total Knee replacement by Professor Mohammad Maqsood and wrote:

“With love and thanks for all you’ve done. Your kindness and care are greatly appreciated”

Ms A, Lincoln

Had bilateral trapezectomy and FCR tendon interposition for her base of thumb painful arthritis, a relatively new operation, modified by professor Mohammad Maqsood himself, Ms A had excellent result and wrote:

“Thank you for your care and attention for both operations you performed on my hands. Things have changed so much for me as both operations were a success”

Ms G, Lincoln

Had Mini-open acromioplasty modified operation by Professor Mohammad Maqsood for Impingement syndrome and Rotator cuff tear, her recovery was excellent and she wrote:

“Thank you all for my operation. It’s amazing to have a working, pain-free shoulder after years of pain. Thank you again”