Partial Knee Replacement Surgery: Less Invasive

Knee and hip replacement surgery techniques have become less invasive. One example is a new technique called unicompartmental or partial knee replacement. Mr. Mohammad Maqsood consultant Trauma & Orthpaedic surgeon at Lincoln County Hospital Lincoln and BMI hospital Lincoln (previously called Nuffield Hospital) has got special interest in this field of surgery. This technique entails replacing only the arthritic part of the knee while preserving the healthy part.

Unicompartmental knee replacement surgery – also known as partial knee replacement – is an alternative to total knee replacement surgery. Because it is less invasive and involves less tissue trauma, patients can recover faster and resume an active lifestyle more quickly. In addition, patients often experience less pain after the surgery and while rehabilitating. In addition patient preserve their both of cruciates ligaments, therefore maintain the normal gait pattern comparing with the Total knee replacement, where one definitely or may be both cruciates ligaments are sacrificed.

Partial Knee Implant Meniscus Partial Knee Implant

Partial knee replacement surgery is often used to treat osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis damages cartilage that covers the bones that form the knee joints, eventually causing the bones to rub together and wear away. This results in pain, stiffness and a loss in range of motion. If the osteoarthritis is diagnosed in its early stages, partial knee replacement surgery can be a viable option that will help save off a total knee replacement.

Partial Knee Implant – Supine View Partial Knee Implant – Side View

Additionally, partial knee replacement surgery is performed using a mini-incision. A mini-incision technique is less invasive to patients, resulting in less tissue damage, less pain, and quicker recovery times.

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