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Modification of ACL reconstruction Lincoln

ACL reconstruction in Lincolnshire

I would like to share a success story of modified technique of ACL reconstruction that is “foot baller ligament”.

I started ACL reconstruction at Lincoln county hospital from 2002 and received referral from all over the Lincolnshire and south Yorkshire.

I  modified technique by using the patellar tendon fixed with silk screws, stopped using drains, and also stopped using any splint or knee brace and closed the wound with subcuticular stitches.

I have achieved the amazing results by early mobilisation, not a single case of arthrofibrosis, excellent wound healing and fantastic invisible scar. In this 10 years experience I reached to the conclusion that there are many surgical myths in case of many operation, which should not be followed blindly. we need to have to judge and justify any step we take in performing surgery rather than follow what has been described many decade before by some one.

For example knee braces have been used religiously i the past and some of my colleague still using Donjoy brace for 6-12 weeks after ACL reconstruction which i believe  is un-necessary. I did not used the Brace for any of my patients and have got better and more reliable results.

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