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Hip Replacement & Regenerative Procedures

Mr. Maqsood has got 21 years of experience in Hip surgery. He has been performing total hip replacements (cemented and uncemented), hip resurfacing, hemi-arthroplasty every year for many years. He developed many new techniques and modified the way of operative procedure to improve the surgical outcome. He has developed expertise in the Hip resurfacing where minimal bone loss and only the arthritic surfaces are replaced, this technique is used for young people who suffer with arthritis at an early age due to Some medical or surgical problem or fracture or general trauma in the past. It gives good functional outcome and preserve the bone loss as well.It has been very successful technique and you can read comments of some of the patient in the section of patient’s feedback on my website.

Mr. Maqsood offers Cemented hip replacement, which is a well tried and tested method. He offers un-cemented total hip replacement which is fixed without cement and considered better for younger patient. From his experience both techniques show excellent results in his hands.

Mr. Maqsood has shown interest in the use of ceramic material for Total hip replacement, which is a frictionless material compared to the conventional material. He perform this kind of hip replacement in fit ,active, very mobile patient who can take part some of the sports activities.

He has developed the Enhanced recovery programme, where patients are getting up and mobilising on the same day of surgery. Patient do not need any drains , splints or braces. Patients are given drinks in the Recovery room and lunch in the ward and get up and walk minimum 20-40 meters. This techniques help to prevent complication like clots in legs, chest infection or urinary tract infection. Patients recover quickly with minimal risk of complications.
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