Gender Specific Knee Replacement for Ladies

Gender specific knee replacement for Ladies

Gender specific knee treatment has been introduced for the last four years. Mr. M Maqsood is now at the forefront of the introduction of the new Zimmer® Gender Solutions™ knee implant.

The Zimmer® Gender Solutions™ knee implant is a noval advancement in knee arthroplasty – it involves a modification of the(femoral component) thighbone portion of the knee replacement implant and is based on years of research showing that a good implant fit is about shape as well as size. Traditional implants does not fit properly on the thighbone part of the Knee replacement. It leads to over hang and mismatch and abnormal tracking of Knee cap.

There are three main features of Gender knee implant comparing with a traditional “unisex” implant;

  • A thinner profile accommodates the typically less prominent kneecap at the front of a woman’s knee, reducing the risk of  over stuffing after Knee replacement. Which is very common problem after Total knee replacement in ladies.
  • A contoured shape closely matches the narrower anatomy of the female thighbone and gives a more precise fit. This helps prevent the implant causing pain and discomfort.
  • A new design allows for more natural movement by accommodating for the different alignment between the hip and the knee, which is seen in women. In case of woman knee the femoral component is more oblique comparing with male knee component,  as a result the knee will work better as the tracking of patella is more natural.

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