Mr. M Maqsood

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Foot and Ankle Surgery

Mr. Maqsood is offering specialised care to the foot and ankle problem for the last 14 years in Lincolnshire. He has got special interest in the bunion surgery and perform surgery under local and general anaesthesia.

He offers surgery for toe deformities , rheumatoid foot surgery, fracture management. He is very keen to use Minimal invasive technique to fix the fractures especially the distal tibia fracture. He used the locking plates for the fixation of this fracture without opening the skin, just percutaneous stab wounds. Which help the healing with minimal disabilities.

Mr. Maqsood has been treating the cartilage defect in the talus bone. It is very difficult problem to treat, but Mr. Maqsood has pioneered a new technique in which the cartilage defect in the main weight bearing bone Talus is repaired using Tru-Fit plugs which acts like a scaffolds and promote new cartilage repair by the surrounding stem cells.

This has been very successful technique and cured many patients, otherwise they might have ended up with arthritis in the ankle joint.
Mr. Maqsood also repair and reconstruct the ligament around the Ankle joint. Foot baller and other sport person can I jure the ligament, which can make the joint very unstable and leads to give way. Walking become very difficult especially on uneven surfaces.
Therefore direct repair in acute and reconstruction in the old injuries can be done. He has got a vast experience of this type of problem.

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