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Dislocations of outer end of collar bone (Lincoln modification of weaver-Dunn operation)

Collar bone is S-shaped bone , which is lying horizontally attached at its inner end with sternum(chest bone) and at its outer end with boney process of the shoulder blade called acromion. This is held in place with many muscles and ligaments. This bone can dislocates from its either end as a result of fall directly or indirectly landing on the shoulder. The dislocation of its outer end is called ACJ (Acromioclavicular joint) dislocation. ACJ dislocation is more common compared with the inner end dislocation. This dislocation of outer end is difficult to reduce and hold in it position, because of the position and shape of the bone. Any movement on the shoulder joint put loads of stresses on the end so keeping it in the anatomical position is difficult. There are many techniques tried in the past, but unfortunately nothing is safe and always warrant complications. One of these technique is called weaver-Dunn operation, which had its own problem with failure of attachment of the transferred ligament from bone. I have modified the technique called Lincoln modification of weaver-Dunn operation, in which the graft is taken with a bony block, and the bone is fixed with bone with ligament attached to it. Bone to bone healing is very solid and results are very promising. I believe this technique is very promising. I am pleased to report very good out-come for this difficult problem.I am happy to advise and treat this problem if some one is unfortunately suffering from this problem.

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