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Delay arthritis and Joint replacement

Arthristis of joint is common and large joints including hip and knee joint are frequently affected.There are certain predisposing conditions which leads to develop arthritis. These factors can be minimised to reduce the risk and progression to develop arthritis. These factors includ inadequate covering cartilage or cushion cartilage and malalignment. New technology and research shows that if these problems are treated at right time can prevent or at least delay arthritis. MR MAQSOOD CONSULTANT TRAUMA & ORTHOPAEDIC surgeon is specially and interest and trained to daignose and treat aricular cartilage,cusion cartilage and mal-alignment. which can prevent further progression to and delay arthritis by reapiring damaged cartlage using specail techniques, including stemc cells. for further information and consultation you may conatact Mr Maqsood at BMI hospital lincoln or MSK doctors and ask fore Mr Maqsood on 01400 670985.

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