Cartilage Repair

Mainly there are two types of Cartilage.

    1. Articular cartilage:

A white glistening material, covering the ends of the bone to make the joints surfaces. All joints are made of ends of bones covered by this specialised tissue.

    1. Meniscal Cartilage:

A spongy material, which is C-shaped, sitting between the bones of the knee joints. It acts like a cushion, shock absorber as well as deepening of the tibial condyle is provided by these specilised material.

If there is damage to articular cartilage, the underneath bone is exposed and naked causing sever pain and discomfort. Joints may present with swelling, pain, locking and giving way. knee and ankle joints are most commonly affected joints.

If the defect is not treated, usually end up with progressive damage and Osteoarthritis. This is most common cause of early arthritis in young patients. It is a preventable cause of osteoarthritis.

Articular-Cartilage-Defect Articular-Cartilage-Defect1
Articular Cartilage Defect
after Debridement
Trufit Cartilage Plugs

Articular cartilage does not heal by itself, as it is without blood vessels, nerve supply or lymph. Therefore the defect can only be repaired by transplantation or grafting.

Trufit Cartilage Plugs (3 shown)

Mr. Mohammad Maqsood consultant Trauma & Orthopaedic surgeon at Lincoln county Hospital Lincoln has got special training and interest to treat cartilage damage with ACI ( Autolougous chondrocyte implantation) or mosaic chondroplasty, or Cartilage plugs chnondroplasty.


For more information on the procedure or to make an appointment with Mr. Mohammad Maqsood contact 01522 574706 or 01522 574703 At BMI hospital Lincoln.