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Cartilage repair in Ankle joint

Articular cartilage repair

it has been very difficult problem to treat the articular cartilage defect in the Talus(bone in the ankle joint).we  have been trying  many techniques in the past including arthroscopic  examination, drilling, micro-fracturing etc.

  I am amazed to see the result with cartilage repair using Tru-FIt  plugs. It provides a scaffolds in the defect and allow the Stem cells to migrate from the surrounding bone and reside in the pore in the plugs. These stem cells are suppose to make new bone and articular cartilage to cover the defect. which is suppose to prevent or delay arthritis in the ankle joint.

so far the results are very encouraging and I have got 2 years follow up with excellent results.patient told me that he did 8 miles biking with out any problem one Sunday before the 2 years review. I am hopeful the long term results are going to be excellent as well, therefore long term result needs to be seen in future.

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