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Calcaneal (Heel Bone) Fracture fixation at Lincoln County Hospital Lincoln

Most of the calcaneal fracture occurs as result of fall from the height or somebody jump from the height especially a story of jumping out of window to escape from someone or to try to catch someone.I have got a vast experience of Heel bone fracture fixation with Open reduction and internal fixation. The fracture is very complex and management need special interest and expertise. It is important to understand the configuration of fracture with the anatomical key features disrupted by the fracture and displacement. As fracture is rare but devastating injury, if not treated properly patient may end up with serious disability and walking and wearing normal shoes become problem. I have fix almost 100-200 fracture since I established myself as consultant Trauma & Orthopaedic surgeon in Lincolnshire. My experience evolved with the time since I got original training to fix this fracture from Regensberg University Germany. It is fascinating to see the excellent outcome, if fracture is fixed at the right time and anatomical features are corrected with operation. My advice regarding the management of these fracture is timely assessment with X rays and CT scan and Open reduction and internal fixation with Locking plates and screws, to prevent complication, and long term disability.

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