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Enhance recovery Total Knee replacement

I have started a modified way of doing Total knee replacement. which involved to perform the surgery, with new technique and new modified rehabilitation so patients can get up and mobilise the same day and may be discharged on 2nd or 3rd post operative day. pre-operative pain prescription is given and post -operative mobilisation and […]

Enhanced recovery Total Hip replacement in Lincolnshire

we in Lincoln county Hospital Lincoln started performing Total hip replacement with modified techniques in which patients are given new hip implant with minimal pain , early mobilisation , less risk of complications. Patients feed back is excellent. I am pleased to see the outcome which is encourage me to use the technique and help […]

Specialist knee and sport injury clinic

The lincoln Knee Clinic is a specialised clinic for the diagnosis and treatment of all knee disorders. This clinic is run by Mr. Mohammad Maqsood consultant Trauma and Orthopaedic surgeon, who has special interest in the diagnosis and management of all Knee problems. In the specialist Lincoln Knee clinic, Problems of Cushion cartilage(meniscus), and Joint […]

Recurrent Dislocation of patella (knee cape)

This is a common problem seen in the young group of the community. It may be associated with certain hyper-laxity syndromes. but some times occur as traumatic episode on the first instance and if not treated properly will end up with recurrent episodes of dislocation of Patella. It is a very disabling condition, Patella dislocates with minor twist of knee, while […]

Recurrent Dislocation of patella (knee cape)

Patellar dislocation is a very disabling condition, in which patella ( knee cape) dislocation with minor twist or turning of the knee. some time it is associated with hyper -laxity syndromes, but at other times it is post traumatic. it follows after one traumatic episode. Now we know that if the first dislocation is treated […]

Cartilage repair in Ankle joint

Articular cartilage repair it has been very difficult problem to treat the articular cartilage defect in the Talus(bone in the ankle joint).we  have been trying  many techniques in the past including arthroscopic  examination, drilling, micro-fracturing etc.   I am amazed to see the result with cartilage repair using Tru-FIt  plugs. It provides a scaffolds in the defect […]

Tennis elbow and Blood injection Lincolnshire

Autologous blood injection relieves Tennis elbow; Ex-Professor Maqsood Lincolnshire Tennis elbow a painful condition which causes sever pain on the outer side of the elbow. It does not occur only in tennis players, any body performing repetitive movement either in sport activities or at work can cause this condition. Recent studies shows that Tennis elbow can be […]

Planter fasciitis in Lincolnshire

Planter fasciitis (Heel pain) and shock wave therapy in Lincolnshire planter fasciitis is very trouble some condition, It can affect anybody, but mainly active fit people working with most of the time on their feet are very commonly suffering with sever disabling heel pain. Typically getting up in the morning and unable to put the foot down on […]

Trochenteric Bursitis and Own blood Injection in Lincolnshire

Autologous blood injection Recently autologous blood injection has been proved as very effective way of treating conditions like Tennis elbow , golfers elbow, Tendo achiles tendinitis,trochenteric bursitis. I have treated some patients with their own blood given under local anaesthesia has shown very good result. those patient who have had cortisone injection previously become a kind of […]

Autologous blood injection and trochenteric bursitis

Trochenteric Bursitis  and Blood injection trochenteric bursitis is very troublesome condition, i have have always been very reluctant to perform surgery. I have stareted using Autologous blood injection for certain conditions including Trocheteric bursitis. I have reviewed a patient today 3 months after Having Dry needling and Autologous blood injection, excellent response, no more pain, […]