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Cartilage repair and delay in arthritis and joint replacement

Articular cartilage damage is the main cause of osteoarthritis in all joints. Research shows  that articular cartilage reapir can delay the arthritis. New research , technology and experience shows that multiple techniques can be used to reapir damaged cartilage which can delay arthritis and joint repalcement. Mr Maqsood consultant Trauma and orthopaedic surgeon  has got […]

Delay arthritis and Joint replacement

Arthristis of joint is common and large joints including hip and knee joint are frequently affected.There are certain predisposing conditions which leads to develop arthritis. These factors can be minimised to reduce the risk and progression to develop arthritis. These factors includ inadequate covering cartilage or cushion cartilage and malalignment. New technology and research shows […]

Regeneration and preservation of joints- delay joint replacement.

New research and techniques have been rapidly developed to preserve the joints and regenerate cartilage of the joints and other tissues like tendons and ligaments. Mr Maqsood consultant trauma & Orthopaedic surgeon and former professor of university of Lincoln has got special interest in this specialised field. He has developed training and skill to repair […]

Treatment of Tendinosis with your own blood

Mr M Maqsood consultant Orthopaedic surgeon at Lincoln BMI hospital is offering the PRP (platelet rich plasma) and Dry needling and Autologous Blood injection for all degenerative conditions like Tennis elbow,Golfer’s Elbow, Tendoachilles Tendinosis, trochenteric Bursitis, and plantar fasciitis. For more information and consultation contact Mr Maqsood at BMI Hospital Lincoln Tel; 01522 578000

Treatment for Tendinosis with your own blood and PRP

A new  interest has been developed after a long hard work and research which shows that some specialised Growth factors are present in the blood particles called platelets, Which can be used to treat many degenerative  onditions of tendons and ligaments like Tennis elbow, Golfer’s Elbow, Tendo Achilles Tendinosis and many more by injecting your […]

Tendo -Achilles Tendinosis and your own Blood injection

I have been treating patients with Tendo-Achilles pain, swelling and inability to walk even short distances. It is very disabling condition and not easy to treat, all tried methods of treatment are not very successful. I have tried the new treatment with patients own blood, directly injecting into the damaged swollen part of tendon. I […]

Planter fascitis

Planter fascitis (Heel pain) and shock wave therapy planter fascitis is very trouble some condition, It can affect anybody, but mainly active fit people working with most of the time on their feet are very commonly suffering with sever disabling heel pain. Typically getting up in the morning and unable to put the foot down on the floor […]

Calcaneal (Heel Bone) Fracture fixation at Lincoln County Hospital Lincoln

Most of the calcaneal fracture occurs as result of fall from the height or somebody jump from the height especially a story of jumping out of window to escape from someone or to try to catch someone.I have got a vast experience of Heel bone fracture fixation with Open reduction and internal fixation. The fracture […]

Autologous blood Injection for Tendo achilles tendinosis

I have been doing a research on TA tendinosis, using the Autologous blood VS Eccentric exercises. I have observed a new findings at early stage as the tendinosis which has been treated previously with Steroid injection respond to the Autologous blood injection poorly. the reason may be the effect of Steroid which damp down the […]