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Cartilage repair in Ankle joint

Articular cartilage repair it has been very difficult problem to treat the articular cartilage defect in the Talus(bone in the ankle joint).we  have been trying  many techniques in the past including arthroscopic  examination, drilling, micro-fracturing etc.   I am amazed to see the result with cartilage repair using Tru-FIt  plugs. It provides a scaffolds in the defect […]

Tennis elbow and Blood injection Lincolnshire

Autologous blood injection relieves Tennis elbow; Ex-Professor Maqsood Lincolnshire Tennis elbow a painful condition which causes sever pain on the outer side of the elbow. It does not occur only in tennis players, any body performing repetitive movement either in sport activities or at work can cause this condition. Recent studies shows that Tennis elbow can be […]

Planter fasciitis in Lincolnshire

Planter fasciitis (Heel pain) and shock wave therapy in Lincolnshire planter fasciitis is very trouble some condition, It can affect anybody, but mainly active fit people working with most of the time on their feet are very commonly suffering with sever disabling heel pain. Typically getting up in the morning and unable to put the foot down on […]