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Trochenteric Bursitis and Own blood Injection in Lincolnshire

Autologous blood injection Recently autologous blood injection has been proved as very effective way of treating conditions like Tennis elbow , golfers elbow, Tendo achiles tendinitis,trochenteric bursitis. I have treated some patients with their own blood given under local

Modification of ACL reconstruction Lincoln

ACL reconstruction in Lincolnshire I would like to share a success story of modified technique of ACL reconstruction that is “foot baller ligament”. I started ACL reconstruction at Lincoln county hospital from 2002 and received referral from all over

Autologous blood injection and trochenteric bursitis

Trochenteric Bursitis  and Blood injection trochenteric bursitis is very troublesome condition, i have have always been very reluctant to perform surgery. I have stareted using Autologous blood injection for certain conditions including Trocheteric bursitis. I have reviewed

citrobactor koseri Infection

I have been surprised to get a patient who was operated on his shoulder for rotator cuff repair, wound healed well, he was to be followed up after 6 weeks. he came back at 3 weeks, with

Eid Mubarak to Everyone

Eid Mubarak to you n your family. May this EID bring happiness n blessings to your door steps.