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Trochenteric Bursitis and Own blood Injection in Lincolnshire

Autologous blood injection Recently autologous blood injection has been proved as very effective way of treating conditions like Tennis elbow , golfers elbow, Tendo achiles tendinitis,trochenteric bursitis. I have treated some patients with their own blood given under local anaesthesia has shown very good result. those patient who have had cortisone injection previously become a kind of […]

Autologous blood injection and trochenteric bursitis

Trochenteric Bursitis  and Blood injection trochenteric bursitis is very troublesome condition, i have have always been very reluctant to perform surgery. I have stareted using Autologous blood injection for certain conditions including Trocheteric bursitis. I have reviewed a patient today 3 months after Having Dry needling and Autologous blood injection, excellent response, no more pain, […]

Modification of ACL reconstruction Lincoln

ACL reconstruction in Lincolnshire I would like to share a success story of modified technique of ACL reconstruction that is “foot baller ligament”. I started ACL reconstruction at Lincoln county hospital from 2002 and received referral from all over the Lincolnshire and south Yorkshire. I  modified technique by using the patellar tendon fixed with silk screws, stopped using drains, and […]

citrobactor koseri Infection

I have been surprised to get a patient who was operated on his shoulder for rotator cuff repair, wound healed well, he was to be followed up after 6 weeks. he came back at 3 weeks, with a wound discharge and culture  grew Citrobactor Koseri. which is very unusual infective organism in shoulder wounds it was sensitive to Co-amoxiclov […]

Eid Mubarak to Everyone

Eid Mubarak to you n your family. May this EID bring happiness n blessings to your door steps.